Trust for London funding opportunity: Strengthening Voices, Realising Rights

Trust for London have launched a new initiative to strengthen the capacity of Deaf and Disabled People’s organisations (DPPOs) to protect and promote equal rights for Deaf and Disabled Londoners.

The funding programme closes on 17 October 2018.

The initiative is being launched with an inaugural funding programme to support DPPOs facing rising demand for advice, information and advocacy services from Deaf and Disabled Londoners affected by welfare reform and austerity cutbacks.

It aims to invest and to help drive investments and collaborative approaches to advance equal rights for Deaf and Disabled people.

The fund has 3 elements:

  1. Individual grants to increase the capacity of DDPOs, and support Disabled people to exercise their rights and access services
  2. A capacity building programme to support DDPOs to grow in effectiveness
  3. Strengthening DDPO’s advocacy capabilities. This is a ‘learn and adjust as the programme develops’ component

For more information on how to apply (and what funding is available), access the Trust for London website.