The Early Action Task Force: ‘One Hundred Days for Early Action’

One Hundred Days for Early Action: Time for Government to put prevention first was published by the Early Action Task Force in 2015.

The publication brings together a respected group of leading experts and thinkers with decades of experience of Government – as, civil servants, senior advisers or respected commentators, to set out practical steps for the next Government.

As the UK faces a situation of escalating need and diminishing resource, with public expenditure cuts forecast into at least the next four years, this collection of essays by expert commentators develops practical recommendations which a newly-elected Government could adopt in their first 100 days in office to put an early action approach at the centre of their work, or risk the future of important public services.

Written by respected authors with a diverse range of backgrounds, this compilation does not represent a collective opinion but has been published to generate a vigorous discussion on the role of Government in managing social problems. The new PM and ministerial team will face many challenges in their first 100 days, but in almost every area of Government there will be the same strategic choice: prevent now or pay tomorrow. Early action will not only reduce the demand for public services it will also deliver greater well-being and fairness and promote growth and opportunity.