EU conclusions on effective measures for advancing gender equality

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In December 2013 the Council of the European Union adopted its conclusions on the effectiveness of institutional mechanisms for the advancement of women and gender equality (PDF).

Among them, the need for Member States ‘to ensure that bodies for the promotion, analysis, monitoring and support of equal treatment of all persons without discrimination on the grounds of sex, in particular those bodies whose remit covers discrimination on several grounds, while fulfilling their independent functions as prescribed by relevant EU directives, devote sufficient attention to combating discrimination on the ground of sex and promoting equal treatment for women and men, and regularly assess the share of financial and personnel resources dedicated for this work.’



EU legal instrument for Roma inclusion adopted

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On 9 December 2013, all 28 EU countries committed to implementing a set of recommendations, proposed by the European Commission, to step up the economic and social integration of Roma communities.

The Council Recommendation was adopted unanimously by ministers meeting in the Council less than six months after the Commission’s proposal. It is the first ever EU-level legal instrument for Roma inclusion.

The Council Recommendation on effective Roma integration measures in the EU countries gives specific guidance to help EU countries strengthen and accelerate their efforts. It

  • recommends that EU countries take targeted action to bridge the gaps between the Roma and the rest of the population and
  • reinforces the EU Framework for national Roma integration strategies agreed by all EU countries in 2011 by setting the conditions for an effective inclusion of Roma people in the EU countries.

Scottish strategy for integrating refugees and asylum-seekers

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In December 2013, the Scottish government published a strategy for the support and integration of refugees and asylum-seekers.

New Scots: Integrating Refugees in Scotland’s Communities 2014-2017 (PDF) was developed in partnership with a range of support agencies and aims to provide a framework for co-ordinating effort and maximising impact and resources.

The work of the strategy all takes place within the context of the public sector equality duty.

Women and the Economy – Government Action Plan

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In November 2013, the Government published its action plan setting out how government will take forward the recommendations of the Women’s Business Council Report.


In June 2013, the Women’s Business Council published its report to government. This document sets out how the government will take forward the report’s findings and recommendations through a number of actions including:

  • Improved guidance on careers which will include raising aspirations and challenging stereotypes
  • Help for parents to ensure their children make well-informed career and subject choices
  • A new drive on science, technology and engineering, building on “Tomorrow’s Engineers week” which is taking place this week
  • Support for those with caring responsibilities to stay in work where they wish or to set up their own small business
  • A new business champion for older workers