Suzy Lamplugh Trust report – Exploring the Relationship between Stalking and Homicide

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust published a report on the relationship between stalking and homicide in April 2017. 

This report looks at 358 cases of criminal homicide in the UK in 2012-14. Cases are drawn mainly from Counting Dead Women – a site that tracks the deaths of women that occur in the UK as a result of male violence.

This study, led by the Homicide Research Group, University of Gloucestershire, also draws together research on the gendered dynamics of stalking and abuse.  For example:  “Women in the UK are three times more likely to be arrested when there is an allegation against them at a police call for domestic abuse, than men; women are arrested in three out of ten such incidents, and men in one out of ten (Hester 2009).”

Download the full report (pdf).