Runnymede report: ‘Fair’s Fair – Equality and Justice in the Big Society’

Runnymede’s report ‘Fair’s Fair – Equality and Justice in the Big Society’ examines the attitudes and concerns of residents and community groups regarding the Big Society.

Runnymede wanted to find out how minority groups feel about the prospect of an environment where everyday and essential services have devolved to a local level and the state no longer intervenes to secure provision.

Runnymede went to three different communities with very different experiences of ethnic diversity, Croydon, Blackburn and Newcastle, to hear what they think are the opportunities and the risks of the localism agenda.

The report finds that the four biggest challenges facing the Big Society today are the skepticism of some citizens, residents’ fear about the changes, potential social divisions resulting from the reforms and the risk of increased inequality.

The report was published in July 2011.

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