Report on Migrant Communities and the ‘Big Society’

‘Migrant Communities and the “Big Society”. Struggling to Belong in the Age of Austerity’ was published by MRCF and Migrants Rights Network in March 2011.

The report aims to present the case for, and explore the critical role of, Migrant and Refugee Community Organisations (MRCOs) in providing social protection, accelerating integration and improving lives in London’s diverse communities.

The report shows why MRCOs are a crucial part of the Big Society. A better understanding of what MRCOs do, how they do it and the diffculties they encounter may help secure their funding and future, as well as a better provision of services in their communities. It will also help to understand the complex dynamics around migrant integration, leading to a better use of resources and a more cohesive and equal society for all.

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