EDF Seminar: Good Relations and the CEHR

The Equality and Diversity Forum held a seminar on 8 May 2006 discussing the Commission for Equality and Human Rights’ duty to promote ‘good relations’ between members of different groups across society.

The seminar considered the meaning of ‘good’ relations, the causes of ‘poor’ relations and the role of the new Commission, Government and others in this area. The event was attended by representatives of equality and human rights organisations as well as by officials from the Government departments responsible for policy in this area.

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EDF Seminar 6: Delivering equality: the case for a single outcomes focussed equality duty

This seminar considered whether the framing of the existing equality duties and arrangements for implementation are optimal for delivering equality outcomes, and the implications of replacing the existing duties with a single positive duty to promote equality covering age, religion and belief and sexual orientation in addition to the existing grounds.

Speakers at the seminar were Sarah Spencer, Chair of the Equality and Diversity Forum, and Professor Sandra Fredman from Oxford University.

The EDF would like to thank the Practical Law Company for hosting the seminar.

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