Holocaust Commission report

This report Britain’s promise to remember outlines the Holocaust Commission’s findings and recommendations. It was published by the Government in January 2015.

Background information:

The cross-party Prime Minister’s Holocaust Commission was tasked with establishing what more Britain must do to ensure that the memory of the Holocaust is preserved and that the lessons it teaches are never forgotten.

The challenge to the Commission was to find ways to ensure that every generation can have the resources, access to survivor testimony, places to go to and modern technology needed to learn how the acceptance of hatred, poisonous words and discrimination led to the most horrific violence.

Mick Davis chaired the Holocaust Commission, and it was supported by 2 expert groups looking at education and memorials and commemoration.

The Commission ran a national call for evidence. There were nearly 2,500 responses. This included one of Britain’s largest ever gatherings of Holocaust survivors at Wembley Stadium in May and a competition to find a youth Commissioner which received more than 700 entries.