Giving White Paper and one-year on report

On 23 May 2011, the Government published the Giving White Paper with proposals to make giving as easy as possible, to make giving as compelling as possible and to give better support to those that provide and manage opportunities to give – be they charities, community groups or others.

The White Paper builds on the earlier Giving Green Paper which the Equality and Diversity Forum responded to in March 2011. The White Paper recognises the need for better engagement with under-represented groups, citing EDF’s response to the Green Paper:

Our experience is that some groups face particular barriers in being able to give their time as volunteers. People with mental health issues, for example, may find it harder than others to locate volunteering opportunities or to be accepted as volunteers, due to the widespread social stigma surrounding mental health. The lack of funding for reasonable adjustments may make it difficult for disabled people to volunteer in the same ways that other people can, even though disabled people have just as much to offer as volunteers (Equality and Diversity Forum, Giving White Paper, p60).

The Government published the ‘Giving White Paper. One year on’ report in June 2012, outlining plans to ‘broaden the culture of giving and unlock the benefits that this opens up to charities and to givers themselves’.

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