Citizens Advice research on the employment tribunal system

Fairer fees. Fixing the employment tribunal system was published by Citizens Advice in January 2015.

The Citizens Advice report, Fairer fees: Fixing the employment tribunal system, finds:

  • More than four in five (82%) said the current fee prices would make them less likely to claim or deter them from claiming altogether.
  • The income of people with employment troubles highlighted the problems with the level of fees. Over four in ten (43%) had a household income of less than £46 a week after essential bills.
  • Only three in ten (30%) were aware of eligible financial support for those on low incomes. Half who thought they weren’t eligible actually were.
  • Over half (53%) didn’t know what they could get out of making a claim and therefore whether it was financially worth their while.
  • Four in five (80%) said they raised issues with their employer before taking further action

The research also showed that whilst people were put off by too-high fees, a clear majority would be willing to pay a fee. Nine in ten (90%) said they would not be put off by a £50 fee.

The research is discussed in a Law Society Gazette article of 5 January 2015.

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