Women’s Resource Centre report: Women’s Equality in England – Shadow Report submitted to the UN CEDAW Committee

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There is a lack of protection and support for migrant women facing domestic abuse and their children, transnational marriage abandonment, and extra-territorial jurisdiction. 

The Women’s Resource Centre have produced the England Shadow report (pdf) for the UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) . 

EDF Gendering Brexit Blog series: What Will Brexit Mean for Survivors of Domestic Abuse?

As Theresa May pledges to bring a decade of austerity to a close, it comes too late for the 6 in 10 women who were turned away from refuges last year, following funding cuts to domestic violence services. Increased waiting lists have left women facing a terrible decision: sleep rough, or return home to violent partners.

So what does Brexit mean for the 1.2 million women throughout England and Wales who will likely experience domestic abuse this year? What changes, both good and bad, can we expect?

Stacey Lamb, the Growth and Operations Officer at Just Fair,  contributes this blog on the implications of Brexit on domestic abuse for the Gendering Brexit Blog series.

Understanding Society: Gender Equality – the pay gap and beyond – 7 November 2018 (London)

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Date: 7 November 2018 Time: 12pm – 3pm Location: Greencoat Place, 24 Greencoat Place, London, SW1P 1RD Cost: Free Understanding Society is inviting delegates to attend a timely debate to discuss the unfolding momentum on gender equality. The event will promote a cross-sectoral conversation on the interplay of factors driving the gender pay gap, and …

EDF Gendering Brexit Blog series: How ‘Brexit’ Threatens Northern Irish Anti-Discrimination Law

Professor Dagmar Schiek, of Queen’s University Belfast, contributes this long read on Irish anti-discrimination law and Brexit for the Gendering Brexit Blog series. The extensive blogging activities on the so-called ‘Brexit’ – a misnomer, because the UK government intends to withdraw Britain alongside Northern Ireland from the UK – have not yet exhausted its impact on …

Women’s Resource Centre: Unconscious bias training – 29 November 2018 (North London)

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Date: 29 November 2018 Time: 10am – 4pm Location: United House, North Road, London, N7 9DP United Kingdom Cost: Variable The Women’s Resource Centre invites you to attend a training event on unconscious bias. The training aims to raise awareness of unconscious bias and its impacts in the workplace, and provide techniques to identify and …