The Traveller Movement report: Beyond the tickbox

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The Traveller Movement have released a report from their 2018 conference, looking at the impact of institutional bias and discrimination on Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) communities. The report notes that the institutional bias that exists across many aspects of public life, from governmental departments to law enforcement institutions, is what perpetuates negative stereotypes and …

Hope not Hate report: Deepening divides – how to solve the Brexit Deadlock

‘While Brexit has always been a divisive issue, the process adopted by the government to leave the EU has made things worse.’ This is from a January 2019 report by Hope not Hate (pdf) on public attitudes around Brexit two years after the referendum. The report draws on polling data, focus groups and constituency estimates …

Parity and clarity: The case for reforming hate crime law

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Katharine Knox, our Head of Research and Policy Impact, reports on our recent seminar on legal reform of hate crime.

In EDF’s recent seminar on hate crime, participants identified a particular need for two things in hate crime law: parity and clarity. With a 17% increase in reported hate crime last year, and given the Law Commission’s review into hate crime law starting in 2019, we gathered experts together to consider the priorities for legal reform.