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In June 2016, the British public voted to leave the European Union. And although we cannot envisage with absolute certainty what a post-Brexit Britain will look like, we can be sure that there will be a significant impact on women’s rights. This resource bank shares relevant information to encourage understanding and discussion of these issues.

Gendering Brexit Blog Series


How will Brexit Impact on Women's Food Security?

By Imogen Richmond-Bishop, Right to Food project at Sustain

Department for Exiting the EU guidance: UK Government’s Preparations for a ‘No Deal’ Scenario

The UK Government has begun to publish a series of guidance on how businesses and citizens can prepare for a ‘No Deal’ scenario in August 2018.

Government white paper: The Future Relationship Between the United Kingdom and the European Union

The Government has published a white paper on the future relationship between the UK and the European Union on 12 July 2018 which proposes a ‘principled and practical’ Brexit.

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Gender and queer perspectives on Brexit
‘This collection examines the opportunities and challenges, rights and wrongs, and prospects and risks of Brexit from the perspectives of
Read more.
The Centre for Labour and Social Studies report: The Great British regression – Brexit and inequality
'The Brexit vote came in part as an outcome of the aforementioned inequalities', says the December 2018 report (pdf) from
Read more.
Women’s Budget Group report: Life-Changing and Life-Saving – Funding for the women’s sector
Local specialist women’s organisations provide life-changing services including employment training, psychological and legal support.  This is from the December 2018
Read more.
First Minister’s Advisory Group on Human Rights Leadership report: ‘Recommendations for a new human rights framework to improve people’s lives’
'There is an urgent need of human rights leadership in today’s world', this is according to the December 2018 report
Read more.
Race on the Agenda briefing: Brexit for BAME Britain – investigating the impact
There is strong evidence that a ‘No Deal’ or ‘Hard’ Brexit would be the most damaging for Black, Asian and
Read more.
Fawcett Society briefing paper: #FaceHerFuture
Following the publication of the Withdrawal Agreement, it is clear that women are still missing from the Government’s agenda on
Read more.
EDF Gendering Brexit Blog series: Gentlemen’s agreements: proposals on the table for EU citizens’ rights disadvantage women by design
As Brexit-day draws nearer, we are faced with two similar-but-different proposals for migration regimes for EU nationals in the UK
Read more.
EU Funding After Brexit: Shared Prosperity Must Mean Shared Rights
Over the last forty years, European Union funding has provided a safety net for people facing inequality and discrimination and
Read more.
Women’s Resource Centre report: Women’s Equality in England – Shadow Report submitted to the UN CEDAW Committee
There is a lack of protection and support for migrant women facing domestic abuse and their children, transnational marriage abandonment,
Read more.
EDF Gendering Brexit Blog series: What Will Brexit Mean for Survivors of Domestic Abuse?
As Theresa May pledges to bring a decade of austerity to a close, it comes too late for the 6
Read more.
EDF Gendering Brexit Blog series: How ‘Brexit’ Threatens Northern Irish Anti-Discrimination Law
Professor Dagmar Schiek, of Queen’s University Belfast, contributes this long read on Irish anti-discrimination law and Brexit for the Gendering Brexit
Read more.
EDF Gendering Brexit Blog series: Deal or no Deal, Brexit is Bad News for Women
‘Women are likely to be harder hit by a ‘hard Brexit’ than men…And the impact is also likely to be
Read more.
Gendering Brexit blog series: How will Brexit Impact on Women’s Food Security?
Imogen Richmond-Bishop, Coordinator of the Right to Food project at Sustain, explores the impact of Brexit on women’s food security for
Read more.
CIPFA podcast: What does Brexit mean for public services? Epsiode 8 – The Women’s Budget Group
‘An economic shock after Brexit and cuts to public services will hit women hardest.’ This is according to Mary-Ann Stephenson,
Read more.
EDF Gendering Brexit Blog series: Brexit, Gender Equality and Scotland – Opportunity or Threat?
The Brexit referendum has, once again put equality under the spotlight with the dominant political rhetoric being for Scotland to
Read more.
Taylor & Francis Online article: Women, Equality and the UK’s EU Referendum
Brexit is a critical moment in which gender relations are being reshaped. An article on women, equality and the EU
Read more.
EDF Gendering Brexit Blog series: “Don’t Worry, Women’s Rights and Equality are Already Embedded within our Legal Framework” – A
Just like the 2008 financial crisis, Brexit could be an opportunity to re-assert the centrality of core values such as
Read more.
The UK in a Changing Europe blog: Will UK Working Parents Lose Out After Brexit?
‘Not many of us anticipated that leaving the EU could have an impact upon thousands of working parents and carers,
Read more.
EHRC report: Pressing for Progress – Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in 2018
A July 2018 report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) assesses progress on women’s rights since 2013, in areas
Read more.
Government white paper: The Future Relationship Between the United Kingdom and the European Union
The Government has published a white paper on the future relationship between the UK and the European Union on 12 July
Read more.

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