BMA report warns of impact of austerity measures on children

A report published in May 2013 by the BMA warns that the UK is failing its most vulnerable children.

‘Growing Up in the UK’ highlights that more children and young people are dying in the UK than in other countries in northern and western Europe.

In addition, more children than ever recorded in the UK were referred to local authority care in 2011/12, mainly for abuse and neglect.

The report builds on the BMA’s 1999 report on children’s health and brings together the latest global research. Although the association acknowledges that progress has been made it is concerned that government austerity measures could reverse improvements by hitting the most vulnerable.

It highlights research from children’s charities which show changes to tax and benefits will have a negative impact on the vulnerable.

BMA board of science chair Averil Mansfield said:

The BMA is particularly concerned that any improvements in tackling child poverty are in danger of being eroded by some government welfare policies. Children should not pay the price for the economic downturn.

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