Women and Equalities Committee inquiry: Health and Social Care and LGBT Communities

The Women and Equalities Committee has launched an inquiry on health and social care and LGBT communities to consider whether provision is adequate, whether discrimination is still occurring, and what more needs to be done to improve access to health and social care.

The deadline for submissions is 5 October 2018.

The inquiry follows a recent Government survey which revealed evidence of poorer healthcare experiences of LGBT people due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

The inquiry will look at the following issues:

  • Understanding and addressing LGBT health inequalities
  • Meeting the needs of LGBT people in health and social care
  • Discrimination in health and social care
  • The National Adviser for LGBT healthcare

Read more about the specific areas of inquiry.

Committee Chair Maria Miller said:

Evidence suggests that the healthcare needs of LGBT people are not currently being met effectively…  This is a crucial time for us to look at how services can best be provided and improved for LGBT patients.

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