The Department of Transport consultation: Future of Mobility Call for Evidence

The Department of Transport and the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles have launched a July 2018 consultation to inform the Future of Urban Mobility strategy. This consultation will also help guide the government’s approach to emerging mobility technologies and services in cities.

The consultation closes on 10  September 2018.

It is split into two main parts.

Part one seeks views and evidence to inform the Future of Urban Mobility Strategy. It is structured in three sections:

  • The background against which changes to transport are occurring
  • Our assessment of the emerging trends that will shape urban mobility in the next couple of decades – this section asks for views on whether we have identified these correctly and on their likely impacts
  • Consideration of the approach government should take to help cities harness the opportunities and address any challenges presented by these trends.

Part two looks beyond the urban context to inform our wider work on the Future of Mobility Grand Challenge. It asks how best government can support innovation across the country, with a focus on:

  • ‘Mission-oriented’ policy-making;
  • Ensuring a regulatory framework that evolves with the times
  • Resolving barriers to data sharing and use.

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