Report on ‘The Position of Scotland’s Equality Groups’

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‘The Position of Scotland’s Equality Groups: Revisiting Resilience in 2011’ was published in September 2011 by Scottish Government Social Research.

The study seeks to offer discussion and analysis to inform an understanding of how well positioned people in Scotland with equalities characteristics are to access the benefits of economic recovery.

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Scottish map of human rights support groups

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In September 2011, the Scottish Human Rights Commission (SHRC) launched a new website tool to help people looking for advice about human rights to find assistance in their local area.

The online map shows users where local third sector, voluntary and specialist organisations are who can offer human rights advice in subjects such as health, social care, disability rights and environmental campaigning. The map also details information on the type and level of advice the group can offer along with a full description of their activities.

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Scottish Government Equality Statement

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In September 2011, the Scottish Government published the ‘Equality Statement: Scottish Spending Review 2011 and Draft Budget 2012-13’.

The document provides information on how spending contributes to improving equality outcomes and how the Scottish Government has considered the potential impacts of its spending plans on those groups of people whose lives are affected by discrimination and inequality.

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BEMIS report on local authorities and race equality


In 2010, Black and Ethnic Minority Infrastructure in Scotland (BEMIS) published a Research Outline Report on Local Authorities and Race Equality.

The report marks an outline exploration of how local authorities deploy race equality duty; the main aim has been to explore area of good practice, gaps in support and venues where voluntary sector race equality groups can cooperate with local authorities in addressing gaps or progressing good practice work.

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