Report on ‘The Changing Nature of Equality under Big Society and Localism’

Voluntary Sector North West VSNW

‘Open for All? The Changing Nature of Equality under Big Society and Localism’ was published in January 2012.

The report into the impact of Government policy on Equalities Groups in the North West finds that:

  • Reforms have come at a cost
  • New forms of representation are weak and exclude equalities groups
  • Spending cuts are damaging voluntary sector capacity to deliver big society
  • The new policy framework is liable to reinstate old patterns of exclusion and discrimination
  • Implementation is disproportionately harming the most excluded
  • The capacity of equalities groups to participate and hold public bodies to account is heading towards a point of critical failure.

The report is based on research undertaken between February and October 2011 by the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) and the Centre for Local Policy Studies (CLPS) at Edge Hill University. Commissioned by Voluntary Sector North West (VSNW) and the North West Infrastructure Partnership (NWIP) the research has sought to undertake a focused review of the equalities impact and socio-economic implications of emerging government notions around localism and big society and policy reforms around welfare, health, and economic growth.

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Report: ‘Out & About, Mapping LGBT Lives in Birmingham’

Birmingham LGBT

‘Out & About, Mapping LGBT Lives in Birmingham’ was published by Birmingham LGBT in September 2011.

The report contains up to date data about the experiences of 636 LGB and T people who live work and socialise in Birmingham.

It covers diversity monitoring, socio economic data, leisure spend, and community infrastructure, LGBT health, mental health, hate crime, domestic violence, homophobic bullying, and Tran’s issues.

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Equality South West Migrant Workers Project report

The Opportunities and Challenges of Migration: A Regional Response (PDF) is the final dissemination report of the Equality South West Migrant Workers Project.

The report looks at issues around migration trends, intentions to stay, the skills of migrant workers and good practice in recruitment and employment. It also highlights the development of a partnership approach to developing policy responses in the South West region and engaging with migrant communities, which may be useful to others.

Research on ‘Sex and power in the South West’

Women in the South West are vastly under-represented in the region’s top positions of power and influence across the public and private sectors, according to research carried out by the South West TUC and Equality South West and published in 2009.

Inspired by the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s annual Sex and Power report, the two organisations carried out their own research that shows in politics, business, media and culture, the region is lagging behind the national average.

Nigel Costley, Regional Secretary of the South West TUC, said: ‘This shows how far we’ve got to go to achieve real equality. We have to continue to break down the barriers in public and private life so that women can play their full part.’

Paul Dunn, Chief Executive of Equality South West, said: ‘Employers will have to make full use of all the talent that they have, if they want to ensure that they survive the recession unscathed. This will be particularly important during the recovery, which hopefully, is not far away.’

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Cornwall Diversity Toolkit

The Cornwall Diversity Toolkit was published in 2006 to support organisations in Cornwall in considering and including equality and diversity in all organisational activities, including dealing with staff, volunteers, external customers and suppliers.

The Toolkit was produced on behalf of the Cornwall Infrastructure Partnership. Please email Cornwall Rural Community Council (CRCC) for details or to request a copy at