Government response to consultation on ‘Access to Elected Office for Disabled People’

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In September 2011, the Government published its response to the ‘Access to Elected Office for Disabled People’ public consultation which sought views on how to provide extra support for disabled people who are seeking elected office.

The Government has set out its intention to take forward five of the six proposals it consulted on:

  • setting up an access to elected office fund
  • boosted training and development
  • raising awareness of the challenges faced by disabled people
  • cascading good practice on disability access policies
  • promoting legal obligations.

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Consultation and responses on Equality and Human Rights Commission reform

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The Government consultation on reform of the Equality and Human Rights Commission closed on 15 June 2011. The Equality and Diversity Forum and other organisations submitted responses.

Click here for response by the Equality and Diversity Forum

Click here for the response by the Disability Charities Consortium

Click here for response by the Disability Rights Partnership

Click here for response by Equanomics-UK

Click here for response by the Home Affairs Select Committee

Click here for information from Independent Academic Research Studies (IARS) and click here for IARS letter of 18 August 2011 to Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone

Click here for response by Race on the Agenda (ROTA)

EDF and other responses to specific duties consultation

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In April 2011, the Equality and Diversity Forum (EDF) submitted a response to the Government consultation ‘Equality Act 2010. The public sector Equality Duty: reducing bureaucracy’.

Other organisations also published responses to the consultation.

Click here for EDF response (Word doc)

Click here for Equality and Human Rights Commission response

Click here for Compact Voice response

Click here for response from ROTA on behalf of the Winning the Race Coalition

Future of the Citizenship Survey: Summary of responses

Department for Communities and Local Government

On 17 March 2011, the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) published a report summarising the responses to the consultation on ‘The Future of the Citizenship Survey’. The individual submissions (60) are published alongside.

The summary document states: ‘Although respondents were not asked directly for their views on the proposals to stop the survey, the vast majority of current users expressed concerns about its discontinuation. This view was particularly strongly articulated by other government departments, voluntary organisations and academics’.

DCLG conducted a technical consultation on the future of the Citizenship Survey from 1 November to 30 November 2010, outlining the intention to stop future surveys.

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Public sector Equality Duty: policy review paper on new draft specific duties

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On 17 March 2011, Ministers made an announcement to Parliament about the new Equality Duty. They confirmed that the general duty will come into force as planned on 5 April 2011. This is a positive duty that will help public bodies to deliver effective policies and public services, while increasing transparency and democratic accountability.

Draft specific duties regulations to support the general duty were published on 12 January 2011. Since publication, the Government has considered the draft regulations further in the light of two key policy objectives: ensuring that public bodies consider equality when carrying out their functions, and not imposing unnecessary burdens and bureaucracy.

On 17 March, the Government published a policy review paper which seeks views on new draft regulations designed to free up public bodies to do what is appropriate in their circumstances, to take responsibility for their own performance, and be held to account by the public.

The closing date for responding was 21 April 2011.

From 5 April, public bodies will need to comply with the new general duty. To help public bodies understand what their legal obligations are under the general duty and how they might achieve good practice, GEO is working closely with the Equality and Human Rights Commission to ensure clear, practical guidance is made available as soon as possible.

Click here for policy review paper ‘Equality Act 2010: The public sector Equality Duty: reducing bureaucracy’

Age discrimination consultation

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On 3 March 2011, the Government published ‘Equality Act 2010: Ending age discrimination in services, public functions and associations – A consultation’.

The consultation sets out those areas where the Government believes that different treatment of people of various ages is justified; and proposes how the legislation will be drafted to take account of these.

The consultation closed on 25 May 2011.