Young Minds and NAS campaign – Always #HelpToGetHome

Young Minds and the National Autistic Society (NAS) launched a March 2017 campaign to improve the rights of young people in inpatient units.  The campaign called for NHS England to adopt the Always Charter (PDF download), which set out twelve rights that young people in inpatient units and their families should always have.

The charter is based on a survey of 448 parents whose children have been in mental health hospitals over the last five years.  This survey found:

  • Only 43% of parents felt that their child’s mental health has improved while in hospital, while 54% said that they have seen no improvement. A quarter (24%) thought that their child’s mental health had deteriorated a lot.
  • 44% of parents felt unable to challenge decisions about their child’s treatment, while 52% did not know what rights their child has while in hospital.
  • 44% couldn’t visit their child as often as they would have liked because of the distance or travel time.
  • A third (33%) said that they were not consulted about decisions about medication, and 40% were uncomfortable with decisions made about medication.
  • More than a third (39%) said their child was not supported to have a suitable education.



Time to Change Campaign – In Your Corner

Time to Change

Time to Change launched a February 2017 campaign to show the easy ways anyone can step in and support a friend by being in their corner.

To change the way everyone thinks and acts about mental health, we need to reach people who still don’t believe mental health problems are likely to affect them or people they know. People who don’t see how their attitudes and behaviours can influence others’ experiences.

The #inyourcorner film is the first part of a campaign that will run for five years to overcome these barriers by showing straightforward ways that anyone can be there for a friend.