Review on poverty and life chances

On 5 June 2010, the Government announced a Review on poverty and life chances.

Frank Field MP will chair the independent review on poverty in the UK and what the Government can do to improve the lives of the least advantaged people in our society. The Review will report to the Prime Minister by the end of 2010.

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EHRC report: ‘Processes of prejudice’

‘Processes of prejudice: Theory, evidence and intervention’ was published by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) in Spring 2010.

The report is by Dominic Abrams (University of Kent) and is EHRC Research Report no. 56. It reviews current knowledge about prejudice: what it is, how it might be measured and how it might be reduced. Focusing specifically on the equality groups set out in the Equality Act 2006, the report examines perceptions of different groups within society; the psychological bases for prejudice; how prejudice is expressed, and the effects of experience. It also examines survey questions that seek to measure prejudice towards people from different equality groups and highlights areas where appropriate questions have yet to be developed.

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BEMIS report on local authorities and race equality


In 2010, Black and Ethnic Minority Infrastructure in Scotland (BEMIS) published a Research Outline Report on Local Authorities and Race Equality.

The report marks an outline exploration of how local authorities deploy race equality duty; the main aim has been to explore area of good practice, gaps in support and venues where voluntary sector race equality groups can cooperate with local authorities in addressing gaps or progressing good practice work.

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Click here for link to the Scottish Government Race Equality Statement which sets out the Government’s priorities for race equality work up to 2011

European Violence Against Women lobbying kit

In May 2009, the European Women’s Lobby Centre on Violence against Women published a lobbying kit ‘Towards a Strong Convention on all Forms of Male Violence against Women’.

The Council of Europe is preparing a Convention on ‘preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence’. This lobbying kit provides targeted information and tools designed to help the European Women’s Lobby, its members, supporters and NGO partners take action and work together towards a comprehensive, strong and effective Convention on all forms of male violence against women.

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