Commission on a UK Bill of Rights: announcement and responses

Ministry of Justice

An independent Commission to investigate the case for a UK Bill of Rights was launched by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Secretary of State for Justice Kenneth Clarke on 18 March 2011.

The Commission, to be headed by former Permanent Secretary, Sir Leigh Lewis, fulfils a pledge set out in the Coalition Agreement.

In addition to the Chairman, the Commission will include eight human rights experts appointed jointly by the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister.

The Commission members are:

  • Martin Howe QC
  • Anthony Lester QC
  • Jonathan Fisher QC
  • Helena Kennedy QC
  • Anthony Speaight QC
  • Phillippe Sands QC
  • Michael Pinto-Duschinsky
  • Sir David Edward

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The Equality and Diversity Forum and other oganisations issued responses to the announcement:

Click here for Equality and Diversity Forum response

Click here for response from Liberty

Hutton Review of Fair Pay: Final report

In March 2011, Will Hutton published the Final Report of his Independent Review into Fair Pay in the Public Sector, along with his recommendations to the Government.

He was commissioned by the Prime Minister and the Chancellor in June 2010, to make recommendations on promoting pay fairness in the public sector by tackling disparities between the lowest and the highest paid in public sector organisations.

In his Final Report, Will Hutton makes recommendations for a new settlement for public sector leadership. Under this deal, senior public servants’ pay will be directly linked to their performance and will be explained transparently to the public. In return, public service leaders are entitled to expect improved public appreciation of the responsibilities of senior public service roles, and the ethos of public service that motivates them.

Committee report and response on ‘Shrinking the Quango State’

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In March 2011, the Government published its response to the Public Administration Select Committee Report ‘Smaller Government: Shrinking the Quango State’.

In January 2011, the Public Affairs Select Committee published its report ‘Smaller Government: Shrinking the Quango State’. The report found that ‘the Government’s “Bonfire of the Quangos” has been “poorly managed” resulting in badly drafted legislation that won’t deliver significant cost savings or improved accountability’.

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Future of the Citizenship Survey: Summary of responses

Department for Communities and Local Government

On 17 March 2011, the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) published a report summarising the responses to the consultation on ‘The Future of the Citizenship Survey’. The individual submissions (60) are published alongside.

The summary document states: ‘Although respondents were not asked directly for their views on the proposals to stop the survey, the vast majority of current users expressed concerns about its discontinuation. This view was particularly strongly articulated by other government departments, voluntary organisations and academics’.

DCLG conducted a technical consultation on the future of the Citizenship Survey from 1 November to 30 November 2010, outlining the intention to stop future surveys.

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