ROTA Female Voice in Violence project and final report

The final report of ROTA’s Female Voice in Violence project was published in March 2011.

The Race on the Agenda (ROTA) Female Voice in Violence Programme seeks to: assess the impact of criminal gangs and serious youth violence on women and girls; inform and improve policy and strategy to tackle criminal gangs, serious youth violence (SYV) and violence against women and girls (VAWG); and support the voluntary sector to respond to the needs of women and girls affected by criminal gangs and serious youth violence.

The final report of the project shows that ‘Girls and women across the country who disclose experience of rape, torture, abuse, exploitation and manipulation as a result of their relationships with gang-associated male family members and peers are at risk of repeat abuse and victimisation’.

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Inclusion London report: All in this together?

On 1 April 2011, Inclusion London published All in this together? An evidence base on Deaf and disabled Londoners and the impact of past and future policies.

The report reveals the profound barriers to equality faced by disabled people in London.

Research conducted by the Office for Public Management (OPM), based on fresh analyses of national datasets and an evidence review, found that the austerity measures are likely to lead to worsening inequality and poverty among disabled Londoners.

Government national Child Poverty Strategy

Department of Education

On 5 April 2011, the Department for Education published a national strategy document ‘A New Approach to Child Poverty: Tackling the Causes of Disadvantage and Transforming Families’ Lives’.

The strategy sets out a new approach to tackling poverty for this Parliament and up to 2020. At its heart are strengthening families, encouraging responsibility, promoting work, guaranteeing fairness and providing support to the most vulnerable.

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Personalisation briefing: Implications of the Equality Act

Social Care Institute for Excellence SCIE

This ‘At a glance briefing’ examines the implications of the Equality Act 2010 for personalised adult social care.

The Equality Act 2010 provides a legal framework which can support personalisation in adult social care. They are both about ensuring individuals receive services that are respectful, effective and accessible. It is essential that care providers from all sectors understand the implications for them.

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Government ‘Barrier Busting’ online portal

Department for Communities and Local Government

In March 2011, the Department for Communities and Local Government launched an online portal as part of the Government’s commitment ‘to transferring power and influence to local authorities, communities and individuals’.

If councils, having consulted and reached agreement with their local communities, find that a bureaucratic barrier prevents them from taking action, they can submit a formal ‘proposal’ asking Government to remove the barrier through the new Barrier Busting online portal.

This portal is also open to anyone who wishes to ask the Government to remove a barrier which is stopping local action.

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