ECJ ruling on insurance premiums

CVRIA European Court of Justice

In February 2011, the European Court of Justice ruled that insurers cannot charge different premiums to men and women because of their gender.

The decision means that women can no longer be charged lower car insurance premiums than men. It is due to take effect from December 2012.

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Protection of Freedoms Bill – Public Reading Stage

On 11 February 2011, the Coalition Government published the Protection of Freedoms Bill, containing ‘a raft of measures to restore hard-won British liberties that have been lost in recent years’.

Some of the measures came from the 14,000 ideas left on the Your Freedom website.

The Coalition Government also launched the first stage of plans to give members of the public the right to comment on every aspect of new legislation: through a new pilot public reading stage, members of the public will be able to comment on each clause of the Protection of Freedoms Bill.

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Report on ‘Public Perceptions of Disabled People’

Office for Disability Issues

In January 2011, the Office for Disability Issues published ‘Public Perceptions of Disabled People. Evidence from the British Social Attitudes Survey 2009’ by Luke Staniland.

The results show that attitudes towards disabled people have improved since 2005, when comparable questions were last included in the British Social Attitudes Survey. There is, however, belief that prejudice towards disabled people is widespread. Almost 8 out of 10 respondents felt that there is either a lot or a little prejudice towards disabled people.

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Oxfam report on ‘BME Maternal Poverty’


‘Exploring BME Maternal Poverty. The financial lives of ethnic minority mothers in Tyne and Wear’ is an Oxfam Research Report published in January 2011.

The report shines a light into a neglected area: the financial lives of BME mothers. Census data shows that BME women are over-represented in the poorest households in the UK, while previous studies have found that women often bear the greatest burden of material hardship in low-income households. Using a methodology to measure poverty within the household, this study opens up the financial arrangements of BME families and explores how life on a low income impacts on BME mothers.

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Report on community cohesion in schools

Department of Education

‘Community cohesion and PREVENT: how have schools responded?’ was published by the Department for Education in 2011.

This report presents the findings from research commissioned by the Department for Education (then the Department for Children, Schools and Families) to assess the effect on schools and local authorities of implementing the duty to promote community cohesion and the extent to which schools are aware of, and undertaking activities to contribute to, the Government’s PREVENT strategy.

The Education and Inspections Act 2006 placed a new duty on the governing bodies of maintained schools in England to promote community cohesion. The Act set schools at the heart of an aim to generate greater community cohesion, and charged them with responsibility for developing a bespoke approach reflecting their school and community.

The report findings include that ‘[a]lmost all primary (89%), secondary (93%) and special (89%) schools say their understanding of community cohesion is better since the introduction of the duty to promote community cohesion. Well over half say it is a lot better’.

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