Equality Impact Investing survey: VCSE Equality Sector Investment Needs

The Equality Impact Investing (EII) project has launched a survey to find out about the financing and support needs of equality organisations, and invites you to complete it.

EDF is working in partnership with Dartington and Social Investment Business on the EII project, which aims to increase the equality impact of the rapidly growing social investment movement. One key step to achieving this will be investing more and/or more effectively, in equality and human rights organizations.

This is the first research of its kind to look both at the specific investment needs of UK VCSE equality organisations. In the short term it will directly inform some pilot equality investment programmes, and in the longer term, overall funder policy and practice.

Ceri Goddard, Associate Director of Social Justice at Dartington said:

The good news is that there a significant and growing group of interested investors and funders. However they want to know more about the types of impact or differences VCSE equality organisations are making, and what kinds of financial and other support is needed to maximize this.

The survey will take a few minutes to complete.

Complete the survey by 12 October 2018.

For more information on the project, please see the EII project pages. And if you are local, regional or national network or umbrella body, please help us to circulate and encourage other equality groups to complete this survey.