Crowdjustice campaign: Challenging Hate Speech in the Press

‘In a democratic society, the press must be accountable for stirring up hate’.

This is according to Rachel Elgy who has launched a January 2018 Crowdjustice campaign to hold the press to account for hate speech and challenge ineffective press regulation.

As a result of submitting a complaint in August 2017 to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) against an Islamophobic article in The Sun, Rachel is now challenging the IPSO decision that the complaint would not be upheld. Trevor Kavanagh, who wrote the article, was at the time a member of IPSO’s board.

Rachel is being represented by John Halford at Bindmans LLP to take it forward to a judicial review and she is running a crowdfunding campaign to raise the fees.

Rachel states:

I may be the one taking on the review, but this is not about me, or indeed for my benefit. It’s to try and make some difference to the barrage of hate that we constantly see in national press, it’s to demonstrate that we do not accept and validate hate speech, and it’s to demand that freedom of speech is protected, but so are our other human rights: to live in safety and dignity, free from discrimination with freedom of religious belief.

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