House of Commons briefing paper: Universal Credit Roll-out 2018-19

Just under 7 million households are expected to receive Universal Credit when it is fully introduced. As of December 2017; roll-out was 11% complete. The June 2018 House of Commons briefing paper gives a detailed overview of Universal Credit (UC), which is replacing social security benefits and tax credits for working age people, and the progress …

Trade Union Congress campaign: LGBT+ Pride

Too many LGBT+ people still don’t feel safe and comfortable at work. Unions have an essential role to play in fighting this discrimination. This is according to the 2018 Trade Union Congress (TUC) Pride campaign which calls for all LGBT+ people to join a union.

Ministry of Justice policy paper: Education and Employment Strategy 2018

Ministry of Justice

Not only are many ex-offenders often unprepared for employment on release in terms of their skills and training, but there remains a stigma among some  employers about hiring people with a criminal conviction.

The ministry of Justice have launched a May 2018 strategy (pdf) to help adult prisoners develop their learning and skills and secure and sustain employment after they leave custody.