House of Commons briefing paper: Universal Credit Roll-out 2018-19

Just under 7 million households are expected to receive Universal Credit when it is fully introduced. As of December 2017; roll-out was 11% complete. The June 2018 House of Commons briefing paper gives a detailed overview of Universal Credit (UC), which is replacing social security benefits and tax credits for working age people, and the progress …

Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law article: Socio-Economic Equality Duties and the Pupil Premium

Traditionally, equality law was seen as inappropriate to address socio economic inequality. But in the last decade, a growing number of equality duties have been introduced to address this persistent form of inequality. There is, however, little research on the principles that underpin these duties.

This is according to the March 2018 article by Dr David Barrett, which seeks to address this gap through the use of data from interviews conducted with primary school personnel implementing the pupil premium.