Bright Blue and Joseph Rowntree Foundation report: Burning Britain?

In Theresa May’s first speech as Prime Minster, she proclaimed her Government’s mission was to tackle ‘burning injustices’ in Britain. But preparing for Brexit has dominated Government thinking since then.

This is according to the May 2018 report on ‘burning injustices’ in Britain (pdf), by Bright Blue and Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

The wheels on the bus: we’re having the wrong conversation about accessible transport

Rachel Krys blogs about how the debate is being framed around accessible transport: I was a pushchair user for a few years, between 2005 and 2010. I remember being struck at the time by how much I was benefiting from the new focus on accessibility on transport and in public buildings. The button to open …

A relative in need of help brings home the importance of human rights

Equally Ours’ Director Nicky Hawkins blogs about the importance of human rights in care:  Today the Care Quality Commission announced that a new ‘mum test’ will form part of standards for rating care providers. Inspectors will consider whether they would be happy for their own parent to be looked after in each home they visit. …

Human rights are fundamental to good mental health services

Thankfully most people never have to worry about their human rights. For many, they can seem fairly distant: something for lawyers and politicians to worry about, with little impact on our own everyday lives. When we do hear about human rights in the media it’s usually via a story that links them with supposedly ‘undeserving’ …

How the Care Bill could help make rights real

Katherine Hill, Age UK’s Strategy Adviser for Equality and Human Rights, blogs about the amendment in the Care Bill we’re supporting to protect human rights. Read more on Age UK’s Care in Crisis blog about how the Care Bill is an opportunity to make rights real for everyone using care services.