Joint Committee on Human Rights inquiry: 20 Years of the Human Rights Act

Joint Committee on Human Rights

On 9 November 2018, it will be 20 years since the Human Rights Act was given Royal Assent. The Joint Committee on Human Rights has opened an inquiry on the Human Rights Act, which asks whether the Act has been effective, and whether rights truly have been “brought home”. Evidence must be submitted by Friday 14 …

Amnesty International report: Trapped in the Matrix

The Gang Matrix is is a racially biased database criminalising a generation of young black men.

This is according to Amnesty International, who have published a May 2018 report on the Gang Matrix; a database of suspected gang members in London and an associated campaign.

It claims that the database is a practice of the Metropolitan Police and other government services which view youth violence, gun and knife crime in London through a politicised lens of a ‘war against the gang’.

Ministry of Justice policy paper: Education and Employment Strategy 2018

Ministry of Justice

Not only are many ex-offenders often unprepared for employment on release in terms of their skills and training, but there remains a stigma among some  employers about hiring people with a criminal conviction.

The ministry of Justice have launched a May 2018 strategy (pdf) to help adult prisoners develop their learning and skills and secure and sustain employment after they leave custody.