SafeLives report: Free to be Safe

Our data shows that where non-LGBT+ services are engaging with
LGBT+ people, there is a bias towards female bisexual women who have
experienced abuse from a male partner.

This is according to SafeLives’ August 2018 report which highlights the experiences of LGBT+ victims and survivors of domestic abuse, and what needs to change so that every survivor gets the support they need. 

Runnymede Trust research opportunity: Workforce Integration Research in London (Black Young Men)

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Labour market statistics show that a higher proportion of young black men now have degrees compared to 20 years ago, but they are still more likely to experience unemployment and/or underemployment compared to young men from other ethnic groups.

The Greater London Authority have commissioned the Runnymede Trust to  fully understand the extent of the problem, to make employers more aware of it and support young black men and employers with potential solutions.

Business in the Community report: Equal Lives

Business in the Community

83% of men with caring responsibilities believe that organisations should provide considerable support for employees who look after children or dependent adults but only 43% believe their employer does this.

This is from the September 2018 report (pdf) from Business in the Community, in partnership with Santander, on the roles of women and men in caring responsibilities.