University of Glasgow report: Attracting and Retaining Migrants in Post-Brexit Scotland – Is a Social Integration Strategy the Answer?

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Scotland would benefit from introducing a social integration strategy for all migrants, providing it is mainstreamed and aimed at supporting the inclusion of everyone into local communities and within the wider society, regardless of their ethnic background.

This is from the June 2018 report (pdf) from Dr Paulina Trevena  at the University of Glasgow on whether introducing a social integration strategy for all migrants in Scotland could support the goal of attracting and retaining people in the country.

House of Commons Library report: Brexit – The Exit Bill

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After the UK leaves the EU, it is expected to make a contribution towards the EU’s outstanding financial commitment. The UK Government estimates that the settlement will cost around £35 billion-£39 billion.

However, it is very difficult to put definitive figures to the settlement as the actual payment will be based on outturns – rather than current estimates – which depend on future events.

This is according to the July 2018 report from House of Commons Library on the the exit bill. 

Young Women’s Trust report: Equality at work? Positive Action in Gender Segregated Apprenticeships

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Positive Action is being chronically under-utilised, which in turn is acting as a barrier to addressing the under-representation of women in key sectors within apprenticeships and beyond. 

This is according to June 2018 report (pdf) from the Young Women’s Trust (YWT) on the attitudes towards and use of positive action in relation to apprenticeships aimed at addressing gender inequality in the construction, engineering and ICT sectors in England.