British Academy events on Inequalities – Autumn 2016

The British Academy is focusing its Autumn 2016 series of Debates on the topic of Inequalities.

The Academy says: “While inequality has risen in many countries since the 1980s, it has recently become far more prominent in political debate. What type of inequality is of most concern to policymakers? And how do differences in wealth, access and opportunity affect individuals, societies and economies? Join us as we ask why inequality is rising, how this matters and what can be done.”

TheĀ debates taking place are all viewable on the website and are as follows:

Inequality: Good for the rich, bad for the economy? – 4 October 2016

Can reversing inequalities revive politics? – 19 October 2016

Decent wages; decent work: how can we improve job quality in Europe? – 8 November 2016

Reducing global inequality: how can we achieve a fairer world? – 29 November 2016

In addition to the debates there will also be taking place a lecture, panel discussions and guest speaker events.