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Women & Equalities and Petitions Committees report on high heels and workplace dress codes

January 25, 2017

The Women and Equalities Committee and the Petitions Committee of the House of Commons published a joint report on high heels and workplace dress codes in January 2017.

The report says: “We started this inquiry after a petition calling for it to be illegal for a company to require its female staff to wear high heels at work was signed by more than 150,000 people. The petition was started because of an individual’s experience, but it has become clear in the course of our inquiry that this was not an isolated incident—and nor is the problem confined to high heels… This petition has done a great deal to raise awareness of the law. It has prompted at least one company to change its own dress code. It is now the responsibility of the Government to ensure that the law is both more widely understood and more effective in its operation.”

The Guardian reported on the findings when the report was published.

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