What People Say About EDF

Below is a selection of comments about the Equality and Diversity Forum and our work.

‘Your newsletter has been a useful tool for keeping up to date during the time I’ve worked in this important area.’
email from subscriber, January 2016

‘Many thanks for these [Equality Act guidance materials]. I just want to congratulate you – they’re a model of clarity and I’m sure will be very warmly received by voluntary organisations. In many ways it’s more of a challenge to produce good, brief, readable guides than detailed guidance. These succeed brilliantly!’
email from user, June 2015

‘I think these [Equality Act guidance materials] are excellent and will be circulating them around Disabled People’s User-Led Organisations and recommending them.’
email from user, June 2015

‘I find the eNewsletter absolutely invaluable.’
email from subscriber, June 2015

‘I think other web site proprietors should take this site as a model, very clean and magnificent user genial style and design, let alone the content. You are an expert in this topic!’
online feedback, May 2014

‘Thank you so much for this newsletter… It is particularly valuable now that Equality South West has had to close due to lack of funding.’
Jackie Longworth, Chair, Fair Play South West, March 2014

‘I think EDF is doing a great job pulling very much above its weight. Thank you guys.’
Response to survey of members and NGO observers, July 2014

‘Keep up the good work, we are hugely indebted to the work that Gay does on our behalf in respect of drafting consultation responses.’x
‘Mind highly values the role EDF plays in bringing together the spectrum of equality and human rights NGOs, facilitating the sharing of ideas and the development of new partnerships and alliances. EDF’s work in coordinating the vast lobbying work around the Equality Act enabled the sector to be united and mutually supportive, while achieving individual successes and achievements within our own policy areas, with EDF’s crucial backing. Mind looks forward to continuing to be an active member of EDF as the sector faces the public spending and policy reform challenges ahead.’
Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of Mind

‘Can I just say this has to be one of the best newsletters produced – it is just so interesting and informative’
eNewsletter subscriber, December 2012

‘The Equality and Diversity Forum is very helpful to Disability Rights UK in bringing us together to share thinking with other groups promoting equality, on different grounds to our own; and in providing us with up-to-date information on policy and legislative changes affecting us and our member organisations round the country.’
Liz Sayce OBE, Chief Executive, Disability Rights UK

‘EDF provides excellent resources covering all aspects of equality and human rights issues, which is invaluable. Being able to access up to date details of peer organisations’ current work and activity in one place is tremendously helpful and the monthly newsletter provides immediate access to a wide range of important updates and information.’
Rebecca Thomas, Equality and Human Rights Commission

‘If we are to tackle discrimination, prejudice and inequality wherever it exists we need to be prepared, not just to focus on our own specific interest groups but to take a wider view of equality and give mutual support to all who wish to bring about a fairer, more just and equal society. The bringing together of different interest groups under the banner of the Equality and Diversity Forum provides just that opportunity.’
Chris Whitwell, Director, Friends, Families and Travellers

‘This is an extremely useful resource for us! I don’t know where else we would find all this information so easily accessible in one place. I circulate much of the information to older people’s organisations around the Yorkshire and Humber region. They love it!’
respondent to EDF website survey, May 2010

‘Membership of EDF has enabled Women’s Resource Centre to ensure that the continued discrimination experienced by both women and their organisations is understood across all equalities sectors and that pan equality solutions are focussed on wherever possible. This improves our efforts to challenge and shift such discrimination. The EDF newsletter is enormously helpful in keeping us up to date with the latest policy developments in equality and human rights.’
Vivienne Hayes, Chief Executive, Women’s Resource Centre

‘The EDF have been ahead of the game in recognising that inequality is not a minority interest but must be articulated and addressed as something that affects everyone. In opposition and now in Government, I have found them to be informed, engaging and constructive partners, who share my commitment to building a fairer society where everyone has the chance to rise as high as their talents and ambitions allow them.’
Theresa May, then Home Secretary in 2010

‘In my experience, EDF provides consistently timely, accurate and high quality advice to practitioners and policy makers in the field of equality and diversity. I find the EDF website a very valuable source of information, and the EDF newsletter has become a must read publication. Keep up your very good work.’
Séamus Taylor, former Director of Equality and Diversity, Crown Prosecution Service

‘Perhaps the greatest tribute to the work of the EDF is that you have demonstrated it is possible to build a common understanding, without losing sight of your own specific experiences. As the EDF has shown, it is possible to create solidarity and mutual understanding by empathising with experiences different to our own, and to become advocates for each other.’
Jacqui Smith, Deputy Minister for Women and Equality, speaking at an Equality and Diversity Forum Conference on 14 July 2004