In our fast-paced and information overloaded world, it’s hard to be heard. Changing people’s hearts and minds is a huge challenge when we have limited budgets and little capacity.

We provide research-based training to help individuals and organisations tell their own human rights stories.  You can register for an upcoming session, or get in touch to request a workshop for your organisation.

“It completely changed the way I communicate my organisation’s messages.” Cat Whitehouse, Pathway

Equally Ours: a strategic communications workshop

Our one day workshop will help you to:

  • Think about how you communicate in a different way
  • Explore and understand the evidence of what works when talking about social issues, including brand new research carried out in London
  • Learn practical tools to help you communicate complex information, whatever your budget or experience
  • Apply your learning to your own work

Training Outline

Part 1: Strategic communications 101

  • Why is it so hard to change people’s minds about important issues?
  • Introduction to framing and values-based communications
  • What works and what doesn’t?

Part 2: An in-depth look at the evidence on public attitudes and how organisations are changing the way they talk about social justice, equality, human rights, poverty and violence against women to deliver change.

Part 3: A practical workshop to help you to change how you talk about your work.

Upcoming Sessions

Summer sessions will appear here soon – email for advance notice.