RSS & iCalendar Feeds

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Subscribing to an RRS web feed is a good way to keep updated with the news on the website. Once subscribed, RSS feeds bring automatically updated information straight to your desktop. Depending on your software,  you may set intervals at which your RSS software will check the website and download the most up-to-date web feed list.

Most current versions of web browsers handle RSS feeds but some (eg Chrome) may require additional, usually free plugin software.  To subscribe using your browser, click on the RSS icon in the left navigation bar or below. Your browser will display the contents of the feed and (usually) an option to subscribe.

Outlook and Outlook Express can read RSS feeds but versions prior to Office 2007 will require plugins. The Mozilla Thunderbird email client can handle RSS.

Stand-alone RSS clients have the advantage of being dedicated to the task;  some are commercial products but many (eg Feedreader) are Open Source and free.

The URL of EDF’s RSS feed is:

RSS Feed RSS Feed - Click here to obtain automatic News updates through your browser (not Internet Explorer 6)

Similarly, EDF offer an iCalendar feed of listed events, free to download, and readable by Outlook 2007 and other organiser software.

The URL of EDF’s iCalendar feed is:

iCalendar Feed iCalendar Feed - Click here to obtain automatic News updates through Outlook and other organiser software