How to use this Website

There are several ways to find specific material on the EDF website:

  • Basic search – enter a word or phrase in the search box located on the left of every page of the website.
  • Advanced search – click on ‘Advanced search’ located in the top menu to bring up advanced search options isuch as search by category or the month the item was posted.

Further information about searches is provided on the ‘Advanced search’ page.

  • Browsing by category – the Information Bank provides links to posts sorted by category, for example ‘Consultations’, ‘Policy and law’, ‘Research and reports’.
  • Browsing by subject tag – featured equality and human rights subjects are listed at the left of every page – click on any of those listed to bring up all the items on that subject on the EDF website. A fuller range of tags is to be found in the Information Bank.
  • Browsing the sitemap – the sitemap page contains an expandable tree structure of all posts. Click the Icon to expand category in sitemap icon next to the category name to see all posts in that category.

Each individual article will list the categories and subject tags it is included in as clickable links to all posts in the relevant category/tag.

More information can be obtained from the ‘About this Site’ menu on the left.