EDF Activities

What the Equality and Diversity Forum does:

  • Draws together a wide range of information about all aspects of equality and human rights, providing its users with the information, expertise and understanding they need to tackle discrimination.
  • Provides a space for developing dialogue, trust and working relations between organisations tackling discrimination, social and economic disadvantage and human rights abuse, so that they can, in turn, provide better services that recognise the multiple identities of individuals and their circumstances.
  • Strengthens the contribution of the third sector to public policy by sharing expertise and advancing shared views.
  • Commissions research and runs seminars about equality and human rights to advance knowledge and increase understanding between different sections of society.
  • Holds regular meetings to share information and encourage good practice in service delivery and in the development of public policy on equality and human rights.

EDF’s current activities are linked to the three goals of our strategy:

1. Increase public and political support for equality and human rights.

2. Create solutions to advance an equal and diverse society.

3. Strengthen the capacity of civil society.

Details of many of the above projects and links to publications and consultation responses can be found on the EDF Resources section of this site.

EDF’s work benefits EDF member and observer organisations (see members page for details). It also benefits the wider public, including individuals experiencing discrimination directly and employees of organisations providing services and support to vulnerable and marginalised members of society.

EDF does not provide advice to individuals but many of its member and observer organisations do.