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EDF’s free electronic newsletter is emailed fortnightly to a growing number of subscribers. The eNewsletter contains information about new equality and human rights developments, policy and publications, as well as details of forthcoming events and job vacancies.

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EDF encourages its members and colleagues from the voluntary and statutory sectors to submit items for inclusion in the eNewsletter. Items may relate to any area of equality, human rights or good relations work in the UK, Europe or internationally, including new research or guidance, events, training, consultations or job vacancies. EDF reserves the right to reject submitted items because of space limitations or for any other reason and is not responsible for the content of eNewsletter items.

Items should be submitted by email to info@edf.org.uk and include a one paragraph description and website links or attachments containing full information about the event, publication, etc. There are no deadlines for submission because of the regularity of issues – fortnightly. Items are included in only one issue of the eNewsletter and may then be moved to the relevant page of the EDF website.